Our impact

Our impact is why we do what we do – the service we provide to over 3,000 people every year changes lives.

“I had no idea what to do about them stopping my benefits and I could not understand the laws. If Law Centre have not helped me I would lost my home and be crazy now. Thank you so much for saving me.” – Mr. P.

We prevent homelessness, maintain employment, reinstate benefits wrongly stopped. We enable people to understand their rights and challenge decisions; with a direct financial impact of over £1.5m.

Read our latest annual report and accounts here: A1 Final 2018 Signed Accounts

“I cannot thank Bristol Law Centre enough for their life and sanity saving work. The staff’s beyond praise. What stands out most is their kindness. Their patience and forbearance seems endless and when this is coupled with professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency, it becomes a top level service.”

In 2017/2018:

  • We worked on 2,283 cases, 54% of these were new cases opened.
  • We prevented 71 clients from losing their homes, including 49 homes saved or families rehoused and 14 homeless housed
  • We gave employment law advice to 463 clients
  • We advised 129 people who were detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act or subject torestrictions under that Act or Mental Capacity in the community.
  • We represented clients in 5 strategic discrimination cases
  • We achieved a 97% success rate in Employment Support Allowance appeals (59% national average)
  • We achieved £1,105m in welfare benefits gains during this period
  • We have provided 78 legal consultancy sessions to other agencies

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People think they’ll never need free legal advice. Until then they do. Here’s how we help people just like you.

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